2. Capacity-development

The Division for Gender Equality supports national and international development officials to advocate and ensure the integration of gender equality issues within the responses to the HIV and AIDs pandemic.

UNAIDS Joint Programme

As a UNAIDS Co-sponsor, UNESCO is closely involved in the UNAIDS Joint Programme, including the review and attribution of activity-funding under the UNAIDS Unified Budget and Workplan (UBW).  In this forum, the Division for Gender Equality works to make UNESCO’s voice heard as an advocate for gender transformative approaches to HIV prevention and care.  As a member of the Interagency group on Gender and HIV and AIDS, UNESCO also contributed to the publication of the 2005 “Resource Pack on Gender & HIV/AIDS”.

The Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) cosponsors and the UNESCO Secretariat, identified the promotion of gender equality and action for women and girls as key outputs in both the 2008-2009 and 2010-2011 Unified Budgets and Workplans (UBW).  For this purpose, UNESCO has participated, in collaboration with the UNAIDS Cosponsors, the UNAIDS Secretariat and UNIFEM, in the elaboration of the “UNAIDS Action Framework: Addressing Women, Girls, Gender Equality and HIV”, to more effectively and sustainably empower women and girls and to promote gender equality as part of their collective response to AIDS.  The Action Framework builds on past actions and accomplishments, but adopts a more strategic and prioritized approach, with greater coordination of policies and programmes and an emphasis on focused and context-specific guidance to help accelerate and expand successful action at the country level. 

Online document: "Agenda for Accelerated Country Action for Women, Girls, Gender Equality and HIV"

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