1. Policy-oriented research

The Division for Gender Equality commissions international experts and scholars working in the field of gender, HIV and AIDS to conduct research, and prepare reports and advocacy papers, which analyze the gendered course of the pandemic and propose effective responses.

The Fourth Wave: Violence, Gender, Culture & HIV in the 21st Century

Until recently, the epidemiology of the AIDS pandemic was explained largely in biomedical and behavioural terms. More attention is now being given to the social, political and economic factors that shape individual behaviour and the effectiveness of responses. Without understanding the deeply rooted social and cultural norms which increase risks for girls, young women and other at-risk populations, the impact of HIV prevention will continue to diminish as the pandemic unfolds over generations.

Online brochure“The Fourth Wave: Violence, Gender, Culture & HIV in the 21st Century”

Open discussion with coauthor Nguyen – see last page

The Division for Gender Equality is also currently producing policy briefs on a selection of articles of the UNESCO/SSRC upcoming book entitled “The Fourth Wave: Violence, Gender, Culture & HIV in the 21st Century”. The policy briefs aim to provide programmers, practitioners and policy planners with sufficient knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of HIV and AIDS interventions by ensuring that the gender inequalities that underlie the epidemic are fully taken into account and appropriately addressed.

Policy Briefs (coming soon)

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