Gender Equality Tools

UNESCO has many guidelines and tools to support gender equality work. We welcome you to visit the UNESCO guidelines for gender equality links below to help mainstream gender into your work and projects.

Gender Mainstreaming is a process rather than a goal. Efforts to integrate gender into existing institutions of the mainstream have little value for their own sake. We mainstream gender concerns to achieve gender equality and improve the relevance of development agendas.

The tools below provide practical guidance and useful definitions that serve as a basis for effective mainstreaming of gender equality for any government staff or individual working in civil society organizations.

1. Priority Gender Equality Handout 

2. Gender Equality Marker (GEM) Guidelines 

3. Priority Gender Equality Publishing Guidelines and Guidelines on Gender Neutral Language

4. Definitions and key gender-related concepts

5. Gender Mainstreaming  for project design and review

6. Guide for developing gender sensitive indicators 

7. UNESCO Gender Mainstreaming for organizing and running trainings

8. Helpcard to mainstream gender equality considerations into your projects funded by the European Union

9. Key elements for programming with the CEDAW




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