Open Training Platform

Open Training Platform

The Open Training Platform (OTP) is a web-based sharing and access space that offers over 3,500 learning and capacity-building resources in all development topics to better serve local people’s knowledge and skill-acquisition needs in developing countries.

Most of the free learning resources produced by development stakeholders are disseminated on a multitude of institutional or specialized websites. Thus, this collaborative sharing space was launched in 2007 with a view to making a massive number of quality capacity-building and training resources centrally accessible to meet the learning needs and expand learning opportunities for local people, especially in developing countries.

Many of the OTP resources are provided by UNESCO and other development agencies and NGOs in order to leverage and adapt existing resources and avoid duplication. Moreover, many of these programmes are released under an open license such as Creative Commons.

The free training material cover 21 domains, including as literacy, community development, employability, entrepreneurship, ICT, economic development, human security, health, agriculture but also includes governance, poverty reduction, crisis resolution, environment and energy and HIV and AIDS.

Registered members may contribute to the OTP by submitting new material for inclusion in the platform, by making requests for resources to be included as well as by rating existing resources.

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