Press Room

To assist press coverage of the event, UNESCO has prepared the following documents:

  • Fact sheet on education in emergencies and crises, using data to situate MLW within the context of global educational challenges of displacement.
  • Media folder of photos, artwork, infographics, fliers, posters on the event; please note that the visual materials need to be downloaded.
  • Programme highlights to direct communications specialists and the press to compelling Programmatic sessions, live demonstrations, and the UNHCR photo exhibition; the intent is to give the press material to work with and incentive to come to the event.
  • Participants to interview to direct the press toward compelling presenters, with a mini-bio and the time/location of their speech, as well as opportunities for interviews.
  • #MLW2017 - Social media pack providing photos and tweets during Mobile Learning Week, to enable participants to engage with each other, MLW events & discussions, UNESCO, and UNHCR on social media.
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