Side Events

UNESCO and UNHCR hosted a series of side events to complement the main Mobile Learning Week programme.  Descriptions of these events are below:


A series of eight mobile learning demonstrations were organized each day in a UNHCR tent located in UNESCO Headquarters. The demonstrations allowed participants to experience mobile learning solutions in an authentic environment. They were repeated continuously from Monday to Wednesday. Full descriptions of the demonstrations are available here.

Family Tent

A UNHCR family tent was on UNESCO grounds for the duration of Mobile Learning Week. Participants entered the tent and saw the belongings—blankets, mosquito nets, eating utensils and other items—provisioned to refugees. The tent was set up on the plaza outside UNESCO’s Miró rooms.


Organizations supporting Mobile Learning Week showcased new educational technology, content and research in the UNESCO foyer. UNESCO and UNHCR exhibited information about their respective mobile learning programmes. The full exhibition ran from Monday to Wednesday and some organizations exhibited through Friday.

Photo Gallery

UNHCR, in partnership with the German government, displayed a series of photographs taken in refugee camps in Kenya and Jordan. The photographs showed how educational technologies are opening doors of opportunity for displaced learners pursuing higher education. The photo gallery ran from Monday until Friday.

Art Installation

Art was produced during Mobile Learning Week to capture the outcomes of different conference sessions. The work, displayed in the UNESCO Foyer and Miró rooms, helped participants revisit the issues and opinions shared at the event.

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