UNESCO is pleased to livestream plenary sessions of the Mobile Learning Week Symposium and Policy Forum.

The plenary sessions of the Symposium will be streamed from 10AM to 4:45PM Paris time on Wednesday,  9 March.  And from 9:30AM to 6:45PM on Thursday, 10 March.

The Policy Forum will be streamed from 9:30AM to 6:00PM Paris time on Friday, 11 March.

The appropriate language links are below: 


Symposium (9 & 10 March)

EN - mms://stream.unesco.org/live/room_2_en.wmv

FR - mms://stream.unesco.org/live/room_2_fr.wmv


Policy Forum (11 March)

EN - mms://stream.unesco.org/live/room_4_en.wmv

FR - mms://stream.unesco.org/live/room_4_fr.wmv

ES - mms://stream.unesco.org/live/room_4_es.wmv

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