Policy Work

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For the first time in history, there are more mobile phones and tablet computers on the planet than there are people.

Due to their utility, ease-of-use and affordability, these devices are well-placed to expand educational opportunities for learners in diverse contexts, including areas where traditional education resources are scarce. But how is this best accomplished?

How can mobile technologies be leveraged to assist teaching and learning?

UNESCO is working to answer these questions directly.  Through research and an examination of best practices, the organization is giving guidance to policy-makers and others seeking to transform increasingly ubiquitous mobile devices into tools for education.  

UNESCO publishes regional and global reviews of mobile learning policies as well as papers about the future of mobile learning to share innovative strategies to maximize the learning benefits of mobile technology.  The organization also helps Member States update existing ICT in education policies to account for technology that is becoming increasingly common in schools and society at large.  

With sound policy decisions, mobile technology can improve the way people learn.

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