Mobile Learning Technologies to Enhance Teaching Practices in the Area of Language – High Quality Professional Development for Bilingual Teachers of Indigenous Children


Teacher professional development is a key investment area if we want to achieve EFA by 2015. This project aims to increase the quality of the education for Indigenous and minority-language children in Mexico. UNESCO, in partnership with Nokia, is coordinating this project implemented by the National Pedagogical University. The project supports the professional development of teachers by delivering relevant educational resources. The resources are specifically designed to increase the language learning opportunities of indigenous students by utilizing the bilingual and multicultural pedagogical approach aligned with the national curriculum. The learning content uses “Nokia’s Education Delivery” (NED) application on mobile phones.

Fostering the notion of ownership to the project is of great importance to its success. The project promotes dialogue among the 59 teachers involved as well as the teaching community by using meetings and a blog to encourage suggestions and peer guidance.

The main target group is multigrade elementary schools in rural areas especially the Sierra Negra-Valle de Tehuacan Nahuatl region, which features the lowest academic achievement located in the State of Puebla, Mexico.

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