Successful Mobile Learning projects establish strong partnerships with both local and international, specialized organizations to ensure the support and commitment of target communities. While responsible for the overall execution of the project, as well as its monitoring and evaluation, UNESCO relies on numerous organizations to achieve project objectives.

Partners involved in this project include: 

  • The National Pedagogical University (UPN) in Mexico City is responsible for local management of the project and coordination of implementation. UPN is a public research University with over 35 years of experience in the area of teacher professional development. The University has recently emphasized the use of technology in education. Over the past few years, members of the UPN have also provided support to teachers in the Sierra Negra-Valle de Tehuacan Nahualtl region through workshops on topics related to teaching strategies, social use of languages and cognitive development.
  • The centrally located State of Puebla is hosting the project under the auspices of the Secretary of Public Education (Secretaria de Educacion Publica, SEP) and is funding part of the project. 
  • Nokia is also one of the main donors and provides technical assistance on the Nokia Education Delivery (NED) platform. 



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