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In order to ensure the project's success, face-to-face contact with beneficiaries is essential. Main activities organized in the context of this project are listed below:

  • Technical Committee meetings are organised by UNESCO Islamabad. The Technical Committee is supporting FDE to select and train the teachers, and to develop content which will be uploaded to the Nokia Education Delivery (NED) platform along with other training materials.

Members of the team include representatives from the following organisations:       
- Ministry of Capital Administration and Development, Islamabad       
- Federal Directorate of Education       
- Federal College of Education       
- Islamabad Model School for Girls       
- UNESCO Islamabad Office

The Technical Committee was responsible for the final selection of themes for the videos. The list of the 20 selected themes can be found here.  


  • 3-day Content Development Workshop for Development of 20 Instructional Videos on ECCE Themes

The objectives of this workshop were:

- Share and discuss the content of the 20 selected ECCE themes
- Receive feedback and advice regarding content from a group of ECCE experts and media script writers
- Discuss the themes in detail in order to produce videos beneficial to students and teachers
- Reach consensus regarding the video content

The various topics that were discussed during the meeting included, for instance, the importance of ECCE, Child development, Basic Pedagogical Principles of ECCE, health and hygiene and basic mathematical concepts. Video scripts were developed based on the 20 selected themes. Each script includes instructional lectures along with visuals showing classroom situations and a lesson plan.

The presentation given by the senior ECCE expert during this workshop can be found online: here and the outline of the videos: here

  • Five 3-day Teacher Training Workshop for 150 selected teachers (30 teachers per workshop)

The main objectives of the teachers training will be as follows:

- Highlight the importance and advantages of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).
- Highlight the need and rationale for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).
- Share with teachers the ECCE policy, plans, initiatives and interventions in Pakistan in general, and in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) in particular.
- Place ECCE programs in a national context by evaluating their reach, capacity, facilities and services.
- Share salient features of ECCE curriculum and educate and train the teachers for its effective implementation.





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