CC UNESCO Islamabad

Successful Mobile Learning projects establish strong partnerships to ensure the support and commitment of target communities. While responsible for the overall execution of the project, its monitoring and evaluation, UNESCO relies on numerous organizations—both public and private—to achieve project objectives.

Partners involved in this project include:

  • The Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Islamabad (CAD) is UNESCO's primary partner for the Pakistan project. CAD ensures political commitment to the project and is responsible for its local supervision and coordination.
  • Under the overall supervision of Ministry of Capital Administration and Development, the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) in Islamabad is responsible for providing training and support to teachers. The Directorate has 20 training and resource centres throughout Pakistan.
  • Nokia is the main donor and provides technical assistance on the Nokia Education Delivery (NED) platform.
  • Midas Communications, a media firm, is responsible for digitization of contents.
  • The operator Mobilink will provide free data enabled SIM cards with internet connectivity, free incoming and outgoing SMS for the pilot phase and operating software for evaluation.
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