CC Marie-Lise Bourcier

Succesful Mobile Learning projects establish strong partnerships to ensure the support and commitment of target communities. While UNESCO is responsible for the overall execution of the project, its monitoring and evaluation, the organization is working with several key partners in the field. These partners are:

  • RESAFAD (Réseau Africain de Formation à Distance/ Distance Learning African network) is UNESCO's primary partner for the Senegal project. RESAFAD is responsible for local management and implementation of the project. RESAFAD is part of the Senegalese Ministry of Education and is, thus, key in ensuring political commitment to the project. It belongs to the “Direction de l’enseignement moyen secondaire” (Direction of general middle secondary education). RESAFAD's aim is to promote the integration of ICT in education in Senegal by building national expertise in the application of ICT in education and training.
  • CRFPE Dakar (Centre Régionale de Formation de Personnels de l’Education de Dakar/Dakar Regional Teacher Training Center) is supporting RESAFAD by conducting teacher training. CRFPE Dakar belongs to the same Direction as RESAFAD and is responsible for the certification of teachers for preschool, elementary and middle school and for the non-formal sector. It is also responsible for the training of administrative and technical education staff.
  • Nokia is the main donor and provides technical assistance on the Nokia Mobile Mathematics platform.
  • Orange-Sonatel will provide free connection to Nokia Mobile Mathematics for the selected teachers and students during the pilot phase of the project.




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