Co-creation of an open innovation knowledge sharing community for inclusive mobile learning and capacity-building

Mr Alamdar Khan and Ms Seija Tuulikki Jäminki | Presentation (PDF)

MKFC Education Finder


We want to establish a global digital inclusive HUB for researchers, practitioners, teachers, students and organizations making actions with mobile technologies. The community includes new innovations such as mobile apps, games and other contents on the web with several languages to offer an inclusive approach. 

Users meet and share their knowledge and experiences directly on this digital community. This knowledge would be available to everyone and developed contents, methods and solutions would be open for all. 

The project is coordinated effort by MKFC, Education Finder Sweden and Lapland UAS/Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Finland. More is available at: 

Education Finder has been working since 2000 together with Tornio and other universities. Education Finder has worked since 1994 in Africa: Eritrea, Somalia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Burkina Faso and Gambia. Since 2009 Education Finder has been working in Pakistan and from 2010 in Middle East in Palestine. The participants have been students and teachers.

A problem to solve is creating more places for more inclusion HUB.

In our cases, we have used mobiles and satellites and internet to solve exclusive education models.

By the help of the system, educators, students and small new business creators can share and use this kind of learning HUB. The HUB can show the latest news and create new apps to meet the needs of or different ages, different learning styles, different learning disorders and conditions. Mobile learning offers new ways of capacity building which includes all.

MobileHUBs are one way of exploring the sharing inside the Community. This new capacity building and sharing will provide Learning HUB and share knowledge worldwide. We know that lack of material and methods is growing with this kind of approach. 

MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) require knowledge sharing our knowledge to be shared to fill children’s and women’s needs to be able to decrease global poverty. Our hope is to create apps sent to every mother in Africa for example about to get and create clean drinking water.



Alamdar Khan is a teacher who started working with MKFC in 2008 and who lives in Stockholm. He has been coordinating mobile learning projects in Rwanda and Pakistan and is a student at Stockholm University pursuing his masters in Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) where my research interest is inclusion in learning through mobile technologies. Currently, he is working on his research ‘mobile learning an inclusive approach.’ He has a background in e-Commerce and Economics and has master degrees in both subjects. He worked for the Planning commission of Pakistan and National bank of Pakistan during 2003-2007. 

Seija Tuulikki Jäminki is a Senior Lecturer, researcher and online tutor at Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business and Culture, holding a Master of Arts degree from Turku University in Finland, 1982. Seija has implemented and tutored distance and eLearning programmes, training and mentoring teachers in eLearning contexts in Lapland and tutors adult distant students, facilitates eLearning skills, professional growth and monitoring traineeship; Seija was the Mobile Learning Co-ordinator from November 2000-December 2002 at Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic.






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