Global discussion of developing teacher capacity to innovate and adapt for mobile learning: An interactive panel

Ms Kari Stubbs,Ms Sashwati Banerjee, Ms Julie Evans and Ms Shelley Shott

BrainPOP    | Presentation (PDF)

 (80 minute presentation)


This panel draws experts from across the world as they peel back the onion of mobile learning. Panellists will focus specifically on methods of developing teacher capacity to innovate and adapt, which is key to building sustainability for mobile learning projects and implementations. Teacher support through capacity building is more important with mobiles than ever before because the technology and the devices are changing so quickly. The panel discussion will include an eye toward programs in Australia, the Middle East, India and the US. The session will directly target the changing role of teachers and explore use cases of teacher support, pedagogy and education quality. 

The panel session will address the many challenges related to the effective use of mobiles for learning in formal and informal spaces via teacher development. Multiply layers of research and data will be woven throughout the discussion, with a strategic emphasis on replicability, developing verses developed learning ecosystems and a multi-continent perspective. 

Speak Up survey data from Project Tomorrow in the United States will set the stage for the changing landscape in the developed world, as we explore implications for the developing world. A leader from the Education Services Agency (ESA) in Australia, who now sits on the team at the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) will share initial data collected following the first twelve months of the use of a mobile social media tool for teachers across Australia. He will also shed insight on the value of ISTE technology standards in supporting teachers worldwide and the implications of those standards for improving teacher practice relative to mobiles. The panel will examine and discuss the use of mobile and IVR by Sesame Workshop to facilitate teacher training and support, where research has shown that mobile content helped teachers improve clarity of instruction, develop concepts more clearly and relate new learning to real life examples. Intel will showcase examples of building teacher capacity through teacher professional development deployments worldwide. BrainPOP, as a content provider, will unpack challenges related to providing digital content on varying mobile platforms and resources for facilitating best practice. 

The panellists hope that this type of interactive discussion will encourage rich engaging conversation with attendees to challenge thinking and move the dialogue forward – beyond teacher training to capacity building. As mobiles become more sophisticated and technology continues to advance, the conversation around the potential and limitations for mobiles to support learning must also shift. 

The value of this type of panel is that it allows attendees to take the conversation beyond technology hardware – to access, support, content, and capacity. The format will maximize interactivity – with a brief introduction of each participant and moderator, discussion around a set of well-crafted questions on themes related to teacher training and support for mobile pedagogy and include five minutes for Q&A from audience led questioning.



Julie Evans is the CEO of Project Tomorrow (, an education non-profit organization that supports schools and communities with STEM research and programs. She is also the chief researcher on the Speak Up Project which annually polls over 450,000 K-12 students, parents and educators about digital tools within learning. 

Tony Brandenburg is the International Consultant to ISTE. His focus is to initiate and further develop ISTE's global projects. He serves as a communications intermediary on ISTE’s behalf between ISTE and ISTE’s major international stakeholders. His immediate past work included a number of significant Australian government funded projects. 

Sashwati Banerjee is the Managing Director at Sesame Workshop in India. She leads their mission to create innovative and engaging content that maximizes the educational power of all media to help children reach their highest potential. Banerjee spearheads Galli Galli Sim Sim, an initiative that has reached 50 million+ children. 

Shelley Shott is the Corporate Affairs Global K12 Education Manager at Intel, working with Ministries of Education, school leaders and teachers worldwide to help improve teaching and learning through the Intel Teach program. She has presented on a variety of topics, focusing on technology, at conferences around the world. 

Ms Kari Stubbs is the Vice President of Learning and Innovation at BrainPOP. She sits on the ISTE board of directors, as well as the Horizon K12 Report board. She has presented extensively at education conferences across the United States, Australia, Shanghai, Malaysia, Prague, Dubai and Beijing.












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