Learning analytics with games-based learning

Mr Harry Ketamo  | Presentation (PDF)

SkillPixels Ltd



Games and gamification are the new form of storytelling and social interaction for younger generation. In fact, learning has always been about storytelling and social interaction. Keeping in mind that children and young adults are ready to do more work for their game characters than what they are ready to do for themselves, we should be very interested on developing methods to take full advantage on this for educational purposes. 

This presentation focuses on learning analytics platform behind Math Elements mathematics game. The biggest novelty value of the game is in learning-by-teaching approach: In the game, the players are teaching the game characters. 

Math Elements (mobile and tablet) game include all mathematics in Finnish curriculum from kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade, which means approximately 300-400 pages exercises in traditional books. In the game, there are 100 levels and one level represents approximately one school week, three to five pages of exercises, in Finnish school. 

When the player is responsible for character’s mental development, he or she records also his or her mental conceptual structure during the gameplay. The most important finding is that assessment done according to learning data collected during the game play correlates with assessment done with traditional paper tests: Taught conceptual structure is strongly related to paper tests score received after game play.



Harri Ketamo, PhD, is a founder and chief scientist at SkillPixels Ltd., a company behind Math Elements. He is also senior fellow at University of Turku and adjunct professor at Tampere University of Technology. During his academic career, Ketamo has specialized in cognitive psychology of learning, complex adaptive systems, semantic computing and game design. He has published over 70 international peer-reviewed research articles and had more than 100 presentations on his studies in international forums. He has received several awards and nominations related his R&D activities. 





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