Teachers and mobile technologies: Challenges of the integration of research and teacher training in a Brazilian experience

Ms Maria Paulina Assis  | Presentation (PDF)

Pontifical Catholic University São Paulo



This work is a report of an experience in a project that tried to combine research and teacher training, in an effort to integrate technology and curriculum. It is a project that is part of a Brazilian education policy named Um Computador por Aluno – UCA (One computer per student), inspired in the OLPC project.

Participants of the research group are researchers of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP), of the program Education and Curriculum. They research the use of technology in education, mainly laptops. The project involves teachers from four States of Brazil, and it began three years ago. Now the project is in its final part, and researchers are writing their reports on the research findings.

We intend to present the challenges faced in the research and in the teacher training, on how to integrate technology to curriculum.
We also intend to motivate the audience to reflect on possible ways to face a dilemma of researching while training teacher, and also how to optimize research results for teachers in-service, using technologies in education, especially the mobile ones.



Ms Assis is Psychologist with a Master in ICT in Education (IOE-UK), PhD in Education, with research in Learning Design. She is also a lecturer and consultant. She has experience of more than 10 years in professional training in large companies and 6 years of lecturing. She also works as a researcher in projects of ICT in Education.

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