The mEducation Alliance: Scaling technology in education investments through international collaboration

Ms Cecilia Martins | Presentation (PDF)

OAS, mEducation Alliance Steering Committee member



The Mobiles for Education (mEducation) Alliance is committed to improving access to appropriate, scalable and low-cost mobile technologies to help improve learning outcomes in formal and non- formal education across all levels, especially in low-resource and developing country contexts. We are committed to an ethical and holistic approach to understanding the impacts, accessibility and inclusivity of mobile technologies in education. By focusing on mobile solutions for the full continuum of basic knowledge and skills acquisition, we will be able to identify a set of common needs that can be applied to a wide variety of other educational areas.

The goals of the Alliance are to:

  • Bring together a unique combination of reputable institutions and organizations for coordinated support of the effective use of mobile technologies in education
  • Spread knowledge and awareness of the broad spectrum of available, accessible and affordable mobile technology tools
  • Convene practitioners, funders, and leaders in the public and private sectors to spur the innovation, affordability, and accessibility of mobile technologies for improved learning outcomes
  • Explore opportunities to jointly fund specific activities of shared interests (e.g. evaluations of pilot projects, additional events focused on particular areas, etc.)



A citizen from Argentina, Cecilia Martins works for the Department of Human Development Education and Employment (DHDEE) at the Organization of American States (OAS) located in Washington, D.C., United States. As a specialist and adviser on innovation for education, she manages special projects and present recommendations on innovative approaches and strategies to support and strengthen the development of governments and institutions in the Americas. She also works towards building and strengthening partnerships that promotes mobilization and knowledge sharing within the region.

She completed an undergraduate degree in Educational Sciences from the National University of La Plata, Argentina, a Masters in Information and Communication Technologies for Education at the National University on Distance Education, Spain, and is currently a PhD candidate in Education and Communication in Digital Environments for the Knowledge Society. She has more than 23 years of experience working on ICT4D specifically in education projects at the public and private level.

She has implemented different distance and virtual education projects both in the academic and public sector. Since 2002, the year she started at the OAS, she has participated as a panelist and speaker in numerous activities organized by member states. She has also served as an active member of the Mobiles for Education (mEducation) Alliance Steering Committee since April 2013. 

Cecilia will provide participants with relevant background information on the work of the Alliance over the last three years and provide illustrative examples of policy engagement to scale mEducation interventions. Cecilia will also discuss the importance of independent and rigorous evaluation of international technology for education investments and use this forum as an opportunity to create awareness and discern interest around the networked evaluation fund the Alliance hopes to establish specifically for this purpose




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