Using mobile learning to realize equality of education: Practice of Beijing Royal School

Mr Guangfa Wang  | Presentation (PDF)

Beijing Fazhehg Group (Beijing)



The world globalization has not only greatly enhanced bilateral and multilateral trades but also communication and cooperation in the fields of culture and education. The emerging trend of utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education has brought up new opportunities and challenges in modern pedagogy. How we can establish a platform where students from all over the world can share quality educational resources is a pressing issue we educators must consider. 

It has been proven that the collaboration between the government and private sectors can accelerate the realization of such an objective. As a subsidiary section of Fazheng Group, Beijing Royal School (BRS) has benefitted from the integration of ICT in daily teaching and has radiated our teaching resources to schools in less developed areas in China and Southern Africa. Our practice has provided us experience and has inspired us to ponder further how we can do better. 

UNESCO has played a strategically important role in narrowing the gaps between developed and developing countries. MLW is a wonderful event where talented people with the same goal — to balance educational resources and benefit as many learners as possible — get together. Therefore, we cherish the opportunity to share and learn from the prestigious participants. We are honored to share how we’ve implemented ICT in designing teaching content, teacher training and student control in using mobile devices; we are excited to hear from the participants any suggestions to seek for any possibilities for collaboration. 



Beijing Royal School is approved by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education foreign joint-venture school. In 2003, British A-LEVEL courses were introduced; in 2006, the first introduction of the United States AP courses were realized. 

The school has been awarded the ‘British University of Cambridge Examination Committee of Cambridge International Education Examination Center’, by the College Board awarded ‘PSAT / AP examination center’, by the Ministry of Education Examination Center awarded the TOEFL iBT test center. In 2010, BRS won the College Board certification ‘AP teaching demonstration school’, Beijing Royal School is a bridge linking students to the world’s leading elite teachers. 

Harvard University teaching theory, such as ‘Understand teaching, lead teaching’, has come to BRS. And BRS was a demonstration base for teaching programs of North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina. BRS teachers have top international credentials. The structure of the teaching staff: 40% foreign teachers; 40% overseas returnees; and 20% bilingual teachers. This structure guarantees BRS students a top education. 

Beijing Royal School has been recognized as one of the ‘Top Ten Education Brands in Beijing’, the ‘Top Ten Joint-Venture Schools’, and the ‘Top 100 China Education Brands’. 



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