Mr Bhanu Potta

Bhanu is the Global Product Leader for Nokia Life at NOKIA. In this role Bhanu spearheads Research, Design, Strategic Partnership Development and Deployment for Nokia Life, a Societal Knowledge & Information services portfolio focusing on Education, Health, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and Infotainment areas for emerging market countries. Bhanu also provides strategic guidance to Nokia’s Corporate Social Investments in Education, Learning & Knowledge Society areas. In the enterprise, academic and public sectors, Bhanu has focused on designing technology supported learning products and services; influencing strategy and policy for education, knowledge management, lifelong learning, human performance; ecosystems and business development to scale to millions of learners. Before Nokia, he served in various global leadership role focusing on human performance, learning and development, knowledge management, education management and enterprise competency development. Bhanu has been at the forefront of technology supported learning specially in the emerging markets contexts and has lead the design and implementation of various computer based training, eLearning and mLearning programs in emerging economies. He is passionate about technology supported learning and has been inquiring into human performance and role of technology in academic, enterprise and life role contexts.

Nokia Life: Mobile Learning for Millions - Lessons & Challenges

The keynote discusses learnings and challenges in creating and deploying mobile learning at scales of millions of users in emerging markets. In specific the keynote will discuss Nokia Life - one of the most popular life improvement information and services suites specifically designed for people in fast-growth, emerging markets. It delivers tailored, locally-relevant content and works on a wide variety of mobile phones, with or without a data plan. First launched in India in 2009, Nokia Life quickly expanded to China, Indonesia and Nigeria, offering daily tips and actionable advice on topics such as education, health, infotainment and agriculture, delivered to millions of consumers. Nokia Life services have since benefited over 90 million people, in 18 local languages, through content co-developed with 90+ knowledge partners including academics, local and national governments, and NGOs.

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