Qamar Zaman Chaudry

Mr Qamar Zaman Chaudry is a Member of the Civil Service of Pakistan with Pakistan Administrative Service. He worked as a District Commissioner and Divisional Commissioner. In those positions, he dealt closely with field issues like administration, rural development, literacy campaigns and local government related affairs. As a Provincial Secretary, he remained in charge of the Departments of Education, Housing and Town Planning and Local government Department.

In the Federal Government, Mr Qamar Zaman Chaudry has also served in several high ranking positions of public service. As Chief Secretary, Gilgit-Baltistan, he was in charge of administration, development and executive functions of the area. He worked closely with NGOs like AKRSP which was actively involved in educational development and literacy promotion in the remote areas of Pakistan. As Secretary Interior, Government of Pakistan, he was the administrative head of a number of Departments, which included FIA, NADRA, ICT, CAF, etc. which dealt with important and sensitive issues of Counter-Terrorism, Migration, Border Management and Transnational Crime etc.

In his present position as Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Training, Mr Qamar Zaman Chaudry's focus is on providing Professional, Vocational and Technical Trainings to the youth of the country so that they become employable and add value to their work. As head of the Administrative Ministry of National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) which deals with Literacy promotion in the country, he has a unique position to have dealt with eradication of illiteracy at the field and now at the policy planning position.

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