Interactive Learning Strategies for Mobile Learning

This presentation centres on the use of mobile devices in association with training for UNHCR staff in field and headquarters environments.
In relation to the theme of quality in education as part of this conference, the Global Learning Centre is engaged in the design and development of mobile solutions that incorporate substantive learning for its staff.

The use of mobile devices in training is an area of growth in which UNHCR is initiating projects that inter-connect eLearning and mobile learning. Given the broad subject areas and diverse geographical aspects facing UNHCR staff, mobile learning solutions are being explored for the potential effectiveness for training within the organization.

This presentation will take on a perspective from an international view of mobile learning and the relationship to established learning theories and methodologies.

This presentation is intended to showcase projects associated with mobile delivery of training programmes as well as a discussion of learning methodologies for humanitarian aid context.

Questions and discussion from the audience would be suitable for this session.

Anthony Ralston

Anthony Ralston currently works at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees at the Global Learning Centre, Budapest, Hungary. He is the Unit Head for Design & Development and is involved in online global training and education for UNHCR staff worldwide. His position involves project management for UN training courses & programmes, design of online learning. Mobile learning and involvement in strategic training plans for UN duty station offices around the world.

His background also includes a mixture of educational technology, film, television, new media, photography and video production.

Anthony has spoken on topics such as online and mobile learning at the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) and the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE). His Masters of Professional Education at Deakin University, Australia encompassed educational leadership, online and distance learning and specifically, the implementation of online and mobile learning.

He holds a Post Graduate Certificate (EdD.) through the University of Nottingham, England. He is continuing his EdD. studies through Athabasca University to research and prepare his thesis on mobile learning in international settings for humanitarian workers.

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