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"Green Click” is a program developed by the social integration company "Les Ateliers du Bocage", in partnership with Emmaus International and with the support of Orange France. The program’s global approach is to bring back together the digital solidarity projects and the management of the WEEE (Wastes of Electric and Electronic Equipment) in Africa. Green Click’s main goals are:

  • Bridging the digital gap through setting up dedicated stores to provide refurbished materials to the local education and nonprofit sectors as well as to the individuals.
  • Setting up the basis of a recycling channel through the collection of the e-wastes from the repairers and the users and through the creation of a WEEE recycling workshop.
  • Promoting a sustainable economic model bases on solidarity: self-financing through the stores and local job creation.

Impact figures: 

  • Up to 40 tons of electronic wastes collected in 2012 in Burkina Faso, Benin, Madagascar and Niger.
  • 33 tons of waste locally untreatable transferred to France.
  • Nearly 17,000 of computers and mobile phones sent to partners in Africa since late 2005.
  • 35 local jobs created.

Vincent Blanchard

Vincent has been working in the nonprofit sector almost since he’s been graduated in Marketing and ICT in 2005. He was hired by the social integration organization “Les Ateliers du Bocage” in 2007 to launch and manage AdB-SolidaTech, a technology program for nonprofits in partnership with TechSoup Global. He’s still the manager of this program that counts 4500 beneficiaries so fat. Through the TSGN he has the opportunity to share experiences and best practices with technology project leaders from different countries. He’s cultivating a specific interest in mobile technologies since he’s participated to the MobileActive Forum in Johannesburg in 2008 and likes to stay informed about what’s going on in that field by consulting the excellent ICT Update website.

Vincent is also in charge of several digital inclusion projects in partnership with public authorities and/or nonprofits networks. At the moment he’s especially working on setting up projects using tablets.

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