The use of mobile phones in IICD education projects: some lessons learned

The presentation will focus on lessons learned in IICD education project, using mobile phones. It will address issues related to the balance between the need for infrastructure (hard- and software) and human capacity development such as empowering the teachers, engaging the pupils and the parents. It will also address the need for better content, adapted to the local context.

Caroline Figueres

Caroline Figuères (1960) received her MSc. degree from the French National School of Engineering for Water and Environment (ENGEES) in 1985. She has a broad range of experience of working in developing countries, particularly in Africa and Asia. 

While working at the UNESCO-IHE Water Education Institute (2002-2007)she also gained a high level of expertise and experience with training, education and capacity building of professional coming from developing countries.

In January 2008 she was appointed Managing Director of the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD), a not-for-profit organization specializing in empowering local organizations in developing countries to develop and implement ICT solutions that are relevant to their needs.

She combines many years of practical experience acquired during her work in developing countries with the knowledge of innovative uses of ICT in different sectors  in particular in education. She understands and promotes that incorporating ICT in development projects in various sectors can generate important meaningful social changes for disadvantaged communities and accelerate development. Local ownership, capacity development and the creation of an enabling environment are fundamental to the overall development process.

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