SMILe-CIS: An SMS-based communication and information system for monitoring and supporting improvement of schooling process

School Management for Improving Learning - SMILe Project was developed with the support of UNICEF ARGENTINA to help schools implement management strategies for continuous improvement, with focus in enhancing learning outcomes of students. With this aim, the Project strategy aims at strengthening the linkages between educational management levels and their alignment to the project’s aim, to support decision-making and monitoring the schooling process.

SMILe Communication and Information System (SMILe CIS) is a simple, inexpensive, and useful management tool helping officers, supervisors and principals to share messages with general information, tips, knowledge and data about the schooling process. The system can do this through periodical batches of SMSs that are automatically sent, received, cumulated in a database, processed and showed in graphics reports by specially designed software.

The SMILe CIS as an Information System, generates datasets about the pupils’ schooling process and their learning outcomes, including some influencing factors such as attendance; it allowis easy and fast identification of schools in critical situation that require technical assistance from the supervision or officers levels.

The SMILe CIS advantages are based on SMS as the most common and user-friendly mode of current communication; the information is made fully available in a website and the system is applicable wherever there is a reliable mobile signal.

For more information, please visit  SMILe CIS-SMS website: here.

Elena Duro, Corina Lusquiños and Hugo Labate

Elena Duro
Elena Duro has been long involved as an education policymaker in Argentina, and since 2000 she is the Education Officer in UNICEF office in Argentina. Her interests are related to expanding the right to education and producing knowledge of best strategies by implementing challenging projects with several partners, as the SMILe-CIS information system, interacting with high-level policymakers.

Corina Lusquiños
Corina Lusquiños is an Education Specialist and has worked as a consultant and project manager for several organizations; her work has been especially oriented to promote quality education through strategies based in continuous improvement cycles. She led the development of the SMS-based SMILe-CIS information system, coordinating programmers and users’ needs, supervising the pilot implementation and the information processing for different stakeholders

Hugo Labate
Hugo Labate is an Education Specialist and has developed professional expertise in curriculum development and management. He was an early contributor to the development of the SMILe-CIS system, providing input and feedback during the phase of design and pilot trials.

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