The Worldreader Books app for feature phones: ½ million readers and growing

We will present the Worldreader Book App for feature phones, which has c.
500 000 monthly active users, mainly in India and across Sub Saharan Africa.

We will present the results of a series of surveys with over 20 000 of our mobile phone readers, and paint a picture of who is currently reading on mobiles, their habits, needs and how this translates to m-learning opportunities.

We will briefly highlight some ideas for using the Worldreader Books app for impact beyond literacy: addressing health issues and gender equality.

Elizabeth Hensick Wood

Elizabeth Hensick Wood is a director and member of the senior management team at Worldreader.

She leads both the digital publishing and the mobile phone app teams.   Elizabeth has presented at O'Reilly Media's TOC Frankfurt (2011) and TOC Bologna (2012) as well as at the recent M-Education Alliance International Symposium in DC (2012).

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