MobiMOOC: using a mobile MOOC to increase educational quality for a diversity of learners through dialogue and ubiquity

This presentation will focus on a course on mobile learning that was able to attract learners from 6 continents, the so called MobiMOOC or mobile learning Massive Open Online Course. The course engaged its participants in mutual discussions and collaborative projects. It increased their knowledge in mobile learning (mLearning), and got the participants started on an mlearning project relevant to their context. The course was free for all, it was open and the resources were provided and accessed online. An extra benefit from MobiMOOC was the creation of Open Educational Resources (OER) on the subject of mLearning. The learner/teaching dynamic was social constructivist or connectivist.

The generic model behind MobiMOOC can be used to set up courses, be it open or closed, for a wide audience on topics relevant to them. The format and the media it embeds, allows the use of regional languages, a diversity of mobile and static devices, enabling the course format to be fitted in a variety of infrastructures and regions or countries. Setting up a MOOC does not cost much and can be done with a limited amount of people, reaching a massive learner group.

Inge Ignatia de Waard

Inge Ignatia de Waard is the digital media and TELearning expert at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Belgium and conducting mLearning/MOOC research at Athabasca University, Canada. With a background in IT and pedagogy, she has been involved in eLearning from 1999 onwards. In the past years she has been working with people from different continents, collaborating on different e/mLearning projects. She is organizer of MobiMOOC, a free Open Online Course on mLearning. But most of all she likes to connect, so feel free to get into a conversation.

She is an author for the Learning Solutions magazine published by the eLearning guild and writes papers (both academic and other) on a regular basis. Inge is part of the program committee of mLearn2012 and IADIS, and collaborator of the Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework (South African initiative). She is also a member of the MobiMOOC Research Team, IAmLearn, the mLearnopedia content community, member of the Advisory Committee of Online Educa Berlin and a member of the eLearning learning content community.

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