eLife Tablet for Teachers presents valuable life and business skills lesson using an Android tablet

The presentation will detail the challenges and results from a program called “eLife Tablet for Teachers” which was launched in three (3) public schools in Colombia supported by Fundacion Pies Descalzos, the NGO founded by the singer, Shakira.

The challenge: how to scale an after-school program called eLife - Teaching Life and Business Skills for girls ages 11-16 into one that could be taught by all teachers in their regular day classes and to all students (boys and girls) – without incurring additional costs or approval from the school system.

In the first year, the program taught 187 girls over a 12-week period with independent instructors training the girls on five (5) modules: life skills, communication skills, financial literacy, vocational and livelihoods training and business/entrepreneurship.

For the second year, we had to scale to reach more students with the same budget.

The solution: we created a mobile application, which allows teachers to access the lesson plans using an Android tablet. We trained the teachers on how to “infuse” the lesson plans into their day classes. The result was training 160 teachers, so that 4,000 students may receive the eLife life and business skills lessons.

Louise Guido

Louise M. Guido is the Founder and CEO of the Foundation for Social Change, a non-profit organization which provides educational programs to women and girls around the world, and helps corporations realize there is a commercial benefit in supporting its initiatives.

Ms. Guido and her team of educators created the education program called "eLife - Teaching Life and Business Skills for Empowerment" and includes valuable life and communication skills, financial literacy, business and entrepreneurship skills. The program was launched in Colombia with Fundacion Pies Descalzos, the NGO founded by the singer Shakira - serving 200 girlsin 2011.

In 2012, FSC partnered with EnableM, a mobile developer in India, to create the "Magic Pencil" tablet app so as to make the eLife training available via mobile technology in emerging markets. FSC now reaches over 5,000 women and girls using the eLife Tablet.

Ms. Guido's background is 20 years as a publisher for business and consumer magazines before launching her own publication called, Living Abroad which covers relocation information on 185 countries for expatriate executives and their families. Living Abroad (livingabroad.com) is now an on-line publication used by hundreds of multinational corporations.

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