No, They Can’t Wait

Traditionally, "teacher training " and "learner instruction" have been viewed as separate processes, the former preceding the latter.  According to this paradigm, the teacher is provided with the expertise and strategies that enable him/her to facilitate student learning at some later time.  However, in low-resource environments where learner needs are urgent and vast, and where teachers themselves have been deprived of basic education, this sequential model is both inefficient and unreliable.  "No, They Can't Wait" will demonstrate how a synergistic combination of mobile devices, rich open-source content and  "flipped classroom" pedagogy can create a "just in time" concurrent model of teacher education that is more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable than the dominant consecutive approach.  The presentation will include examples from mobile learning initiatives in S. Africa, the U.S., Tunisia and Oman. 

Lucy Haagen

Lucy Haagen has been working in the field of mobile-assisted literacy, ESL and basic skills education since 2008. Significantly, she approach mobile learning from the perspective of the classroom teacher, not primarily as a technologist or researcher. Over the past five years, she has spearheaded mobile learning programs for immigrant English learners in the U.S., primary school English learners in rural Vietnam, social English offered via USSD Tunisia’s largest mobile carrier and is the Co-Founder of M-Ubuntu - a South African mobile learning initiative.

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