UNESCO's Work in Mobile Learning

The presentation will describe UNESCO's broad portfolio of work in mobile learning.  The rationale behind various programs will be addressed as will anticipated areas of future work.  Specifically, the presentation will introduce UNESCO's numerous mobile learning publications; provide an overview of current research; and profile the Organization's mobile learning projects underway in Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Senegal.

Mark West

Mark West joined UNESCO's mobile learning team when it was first created.  He and Steven Vosloo authored the UNESCO Policy Guidelines on Mobile Learning and oversaw and edited the Organization's 14 paper Series on Mobile Learning.  Mr. West wrote two Global Themes papers for the Series which analyzed mobile learning trends from an international perspective.  He has been actively involved in the country projects in Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Senegal and has contributed to the mobile learning work focused on gender.  Prior to joining UNESCO, Mr. West worked as a Fulbright fellow in Azerbaijan where he researched education and helped a large university establish an online course management system.  Mr. West is a graduate of Stanford University and holds MA degrees in Education and Composition.  He has also worked as a classroom teacher and teacher trainer in the United States and abroad.

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