Mobile Education Lab (MEL) - Discover, Experiment, Invent. Co-creative laboratory for mobile and transmedia education

MEL is a co-creative community to discover, experiment and invent educational experiences with mobile technologies, it empowers non-developers, teachers, students, communities and end users to create solutions for common problems and needs.

MEL configures an ecosystem that promotes the exchange of knowledge (Discover: valued information related to mobile learning, researches, best practices, courses and open data repositories), applications (Experiment: apps, projects, expeditions and contents as an experience) and development (Invent: creation tools integration, open innovation). All interactions inside  MEL are stimulated by using a creative currency model that engages creators and users to exchange immaterial and material resources. MEL projects and contents stimulate work and service based learning, connecting school and community wherever they take place.

Martín Restrepo

Martin Restrepo is an entrepreneur and a specialist in Mobile Education. With his company, Editacuja, develops programs and projects to access to mobile technologies for educational, cultural and social initiatives, promoting the training of teachers and digital content creators, integrating innovative technologies. He is the founder of MEL (Mobile Education Lab), the first Latin American community specialized in the matter.

Currently, Martin is developing Mobile Learning initiatives with institutions such as Qualcomm, Instituto Claro, Telefonica Foundation, SENAI, SENAC, Lourenço Castanho School. He is a member of the advisory board of the Horizon Report Project in Brazil. Colombian, he promotes the creative industry. Founder of MobileMonday communities in São Paulo and Bogotá.

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