Co-creating a mobile and distance learning approach in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been in war for decades and suffers a large educational gap.
Merel van der Woude will discuss the ‘GREAT Idea’ project, which is designed to structurally improve the teaching quality in secondary school classrooms in Afghanistan and to deal with the lack of trained teachers and restriction of their movement.

GREAT Idea is a co-created distance and mobile learning project from partner organisations Oxfam, CHA and Butterfly Works. It aims to increase the quality of and access to education for (especially girl) secondary school students in Afghanistan. Video lessons from a master trainer are broadcasted in classrooms, where they provide quality teaching contents in line with the national curriculum to teachers and students.

The use of mobile technologies has been an important tool within GREAT Idea. Firstly to increase the participation of teachers and students. And secondly to spread the lessons to more schools, especially in rural areas and even beyond the schoolsystem.

What are the lessons learnt? What's the next step? And why is co-creation key in the success?

Merel van der Woude

Merel van der Woude is a designer with a special interest in shaping learning experiences and creative growth.

After her graduation at the Design Academy Eindhoven on identity exploration and creative learning, Merel started working at Butterfly Works, an Amsterdam-based co-creation studio.

She is the lead designer for the Social Campaigns & Learning team. 
Since 2000, Butterfly Works has co-created creative and entrepreneurial branding and learning projects in developing countries, with the goal of decreasing poverty and increasing equality. The Social Campaigns & Learning team co-creates innovative learning programmes and social awareness campaigns and creatively uses new media as an educational tool.

Merel leads co-creation processes all over the world, developing digital and mobile learning programmes, often combined with traditional materials.
These are some of the projects that came from these co-creation processes:

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