Powering school performance: Deploying scalable and sustainable school systems on mobile devices

Most school management systems do not scale to rural African villages where infrastructure is minimal and the ability for impact is greatest. In collaboration with Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS) in Uganda and Zambia, Arbor Education has deployed a school management system to connect schools in some of the most remote regions of the world using low power and low cost mobile handsets. Schools are now able to fully monitor and manage student truancy, staff attendance, school enrolment, events and will soon record and analyse assessment data all as part of a connected network of international schools.

We will speak to the challenges and solutions in designing and implementing a sustainable and mobile school management system for schools in locations with limited infrastructure and resources, featuring comments from co-presenter John Rendel, CEO of PEAS.

Nick Novak and John Rendel

Nick Novak (Arbor Education)
Building on his efforts in education and technology over the past decade, Nick’s current work focuses on collaboration with educators across the globe to transform the way technology and data are used in the classroom. He believes that the right tools, built on the pillars of student empowerment and with a respect for the complexity of modern education, can transform schools and foster stronger communities.

John Rendel (PEAS)
Founded PEAS in 2004 after visiting Uganda and discovering the huge need for secondary education. PEAS has now launched 22 secondary schools under a 'SmartAid' charity/social enterprise development model. John is a Teach First Ambassador, has won an UnLtd Award for Social Entrepreneurship and was named in the Courvoisier Future 500 as one of five young leaders in the public and social sectors.

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