Mobile Learning and Numeracy in International Cooperation

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ - shall be focusing on the themes of mobile learning and numeracy in the years to come. This presentation will bring the two themes together to look at the potential of using mobile devices to improve learning outcomes in numeracy in developing countries. The presentation shall also briefly introduce the GIZ, its services for internationale cooperation and its potential role in bringing the theme of mobile learning and numeracy forward.  The GIZ would welcome comments, suggestions and opportunities of collaboration. If you are interested in either ‘Mobile Learning’ or ‘Numeracy’ or both themes, do not hesitate to contact us during the conference for further discussions.

Dr Nils Geissler

Dr Nils Geissler is Head of the Education Section at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). He is an expert in educational policy, in particular in sector program planning and quality management of educational institutions. Before joining GIZ in 2010, he worked at the Saxon State Chancellery and the Saxon Ministry of Education for a number of years, finishing as the Head of the Division on Educational Policy, Economics and Monitoring.

An important part of his current work at the GIZ on educational policy and the improvement of education quality have to do with modern technology. As an organisation, GIZ has used and offered many services in developing countries which applied modern technology and blended learning formats. Currently, GIZ is exploring various ways to integrate mobile technology into learning cycles. One of these exploratory approaches is to use mobile learning to deliver numeracy education in developing countries. Together with his strong team of education policy advisers, Nils Geissler aims to find a balance between the key challenges of access, equity and quality of learning by using mobile devices.

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