Mobile learning in adult education. Guidelines for practitioners and examples of good practices

During 2010-2012, a transnational partnership including members from Germany, England, Italy and Belgium, carried out the EU part-funded MyMobile-Education on the Move project. The consortium worked on the development of guidelines for mobile adult education and tested them through a series of workshops carried out in the different partner countries. This talk presents the outcome of the project. Bridging conceptualisation and practice of mobile learning in adult education, the talk will provide some research-based guidelines for adult education practitioners and providers on how to effectively design and implement training activities based on the use of mobile devices with adult learners, especially with learners at risk. Concrete examples will be discussed and analysed with the aim of showing how certain design principles can be actually translated into reality. The focus will be on the idea of adopting mobile devices as strategic resources for identity formation, social interaction and meaning making through the creation of artefacts such as mobile portfolios or mobile multimedia CVs. The talk will also consider implications for policy and practice it will engage the audience in a discussion about the perceived levels of transferability of the guidelines presented to other contexts of adult education.

Norbert Pachler and Maria Ranieri

Norbert Pachler
Norbert Pachler is Professor of Education at the Institute of Education, University of London. In addition to technology-enhanced teaching and learning, his research interests include teacher education and development and all aspects of foreign language teaching and learning. He has published widely, researches, teaches and supervises in these fields. He is the convenor of the London Mobile Learning Group, which brings together an international, interdisciplinary group of researchers from the fields of cultural and media studies, sociology, (social) semiotics, pedagogy, educational technology, work-based learning and learning design.

Maria Ranieri
Maria Ranieri is an Aggregate Professor of Educational Methods and Technology at the Department of Education and Psychology, University of Florence (IT). Since 2001 she has been working in the field of educational technology, technology-enhanced learning and e-learning. Her main research areas include theory and methodology relating to media and technology in education, as well as work around teachers’ practices and students' learning. She is currently investigating the interplay between mobile learning and social networking in formal and informal contexts of learning. Her publications include some more than thirty papers/chapters on these topics and four books on learning methods and technologies.

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