The mEducation Alliance and Mobiles for Reading Landscape Review- Presentation of Initial Findings

This session will provide an overview of the Mobiles for Education Alliance (mEducation)- its members, activities, goals and objectives.  The Alliance serves as a coordinating body for donors, public and private sector leaders, project implementers and academics to build and share knowledge and foster innovative and cost-effective developments using mobile technologies (broadly defined) for promoting quality education in low-resource environments. The core objectives of the Alliance are to improve research and evaluation, share knowledge, promote partnerships and coordination and reduce duplicative efforts.This presentation will highlight current working groups and ways for participants and organizations to get involved. It will focus on the Mobiles for Reading (mReading) Working Group (WG), initial findings of its landscape review, and select projects that the group has identified as innovative, potentially highly replicable, and/or low cost for high impact. One of the principal areas of focus for this WG is the use of mobile technologies for the improvement of early grade reading, particularly in low resource and developing country contexts. The mReading WG seeks to explore what projects are currently using mobile technologies to improve literacy skills, what are effective methods for implementation, and what data exist from such activities to support potential scaling.

Anthony Bloome and Rebekah Levi

Anthony Bloome, Senior Education Technology Specialist, USAID/E3
Mr. Bloome works as the senior education technology specialist in the global education offices at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington, DC. In this capacity, he has conceptualized,  developed, and manages relevant projects, coordinates the exchange of good practice experiences in the appropriate use of information and communications technology for education (ICT4E) and provides advice to USAID staff, USG counterparts, and other international and national stakeholders. Recently, he has been spearheading the formation and development of two multinational initiatives, the Mobiles for Education (mEducation) Alliance and the All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development. Prior to joining USAID, Mr. Bloome worked as Peace Corps' global ICT specialist and as a distance education specialist at World Bank offices in Washington, DC, and Zimbabwe.

Rebekah Levi, mEducation Secretariat/ JBS International
Ms. Levi is a Research Associate who is currently serving as the head of the Secretariat for the Mobiles for Education Alliance. She has played a key role in the development of the Alliance from its inception and continues to manage all Alliance activities including partner outreach and support of the various working groups. Ms. Levi has extensive experience working both internationally and in the field of education. For the last five years she has evaluated numerous education projects and initiatives and provided ongoing technical assistance to USAID/Washington and Missions around the world. In addition to her work with the mEducation Alliance, Ms. Levi has evaluated projects for universities, foundations, the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and Junior Achievement Worldwide. Her own research interests include teacher training and the impact of integrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into the classroom on the teacher and their pedagogy, which was a study she recently conducted in Trinidad.

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