SMS for Changing Life

Oxfam Great Britain is an international NGO that works in 55 countries worldwide with a focus on emergency response, campaigns and advocacy and long-term community development. Oxfam GB puts women at the heart of what we do.

Our Digital Vision has been established Oxfam GB since 2009 with a focus on how to use digital technology to increase the impact of our work.

The Pink Phone Revolution in Cambodia - Aims to empower poor women and enable them to participate fairly in the marketplace, as well as improving women’s safety and security. Women taking part in the project receive SMS information on agriculture, market prices, and disaster preparedness messages on their mobile phones. Moreover, they are able to share knowledge, and report emergencies or domestic violence.

The Ring for Change project in Indonesia - Through this pilot, we have linked women with the media, local government, and local partners. In an area where women and vulnerable community members have limited access to mobile technology, this project has helped them to channel their voice to decision-makers and the media to promote and raise awareness of the importance of both of these stakeholders being held to account on women’s rights.

Taipida Moodhitaporn

Taipida Moodhitaporn is Digital Vision Project Manager for Oxfam Great Britain based in Bangkok since 2009. She is responsible for creative and innovative ways of using digital technology for programme development, humanitarian and advocacy across the globe.

Within these projects, she leads on mobile technology research in Asia, and coordinates work with country teams, link with private sector, technology partners and donors as well as supports project teams for scale up.

Prior to working with Oxfam, she was a consultant for Ernst and Young in Chicago and a design lecturer at Silpakorn University - one of the leading art and design universities in Thailand. She holds a MFA in Art and Technology from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA in Visual Communication and a BA in Business Administration.

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