Nokia Mobile Mathematics - Supporting Learner’s Motivation to Study Mathematics with Mobile Technology

Nokia Mobile Mathematics- project aims to support learning and teaching of mathematics with mobile devices improving the quality of education. The key issues were to think how to design a service supporting teaching and learning providing added value for both teachers and learners? How to make mathematics an interesting and relevant topic for kids to learn? How to design a good quality mobile learning solution that could be taken into use easily and be spread out effectively?

The project has been carried out in amongst secondary school teachers and pupils in urban and rural areas in South Africa and Finland. The project started 2009 and is ongoing reaching now already some 40 000 learners and 700 teachers. The service is developed to be used in f2f classroom and outside classroom and by nature is encouraging informal learning. 

The solution gave teachers new ways to supervise and plan the teaching and learning. Furthermore, teachers gained better digital literacy skills and a possibility to communicate with pupils outside classroom. Also, teachers did not need much specific training to take the solution into everyday use. Pupils’ attitudes towards learning mathematics changed during the use from negative to positive and the learning outcomes improved.

Teija Vainio and Tanja Walsh

Teija Vainio
Teija Vainio is a Post Doc researcher at the Unit of Human-Centered Technology, Tampere University of Technology, Finland. She received her PhD in 2010 on multidisciplinary design of mobile multimodal applications. Her main research focus is on human-computer interaction with mobile devices as well as educational technology and three dimensional virtual environments. She is currently investigating curriculum development in the field of human technology interaction and mobile learning in the cross cultural context.

Tanja Walsh
Tanja Walsh is a researcher and PhD student in the Unit of Human-Centered Technology, Tampere University of Technology, Finland. Her research focuses on how culture affects user experience and how cultural factors should be taken into consideration when evaluating and analyzing the user experience of a product or a service. She is interested in m-Health and m-Learning application areas. She lectures cross-cultural design course and has industrial experience in mobile phone localization, internationalization, testing and quality.

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