SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment)

Description of Presentation

SMILE is a mobile learning platform designed to cause a paradigm shift within education by enabling students to be active agents in their own learning. By utilizing both mobile and micro cloud-based technology, students create, solve, evaluate, and present questions based on their individual research and interest. In SMILE, the quality of the student-generated question is the evidence of learning outcomes, not test scores. This presentation shares lessons learned from implementing SMILE in unique education settings in Asia: a rural village education center in South India, a rural village mixed-grade Islamic boarding school in Indonesia, a South Korean medical university with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) iPads, and a rural village elementary school for first graders using government-issued OTPC (One Tablet Per Child) tablets.

Paul Kim

Dr. Paul Kim is the Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Education. He joined Stanford in 2001.

An education technology entrepreneur, Dr. Kim leads initiatives involving the design of learning technologies, educational research, and community development.  In a trans-disciplinary project aiming to promote innovation and competition by constructing a Programmable and Open Mobile Internet (POMI 2020), Dr. Kim designs and implements mobile technologies and social learning environments.

In 2009, Dr. Kim founded Seeds of Empowerment, a 501(C3) non-profit global education incubator for social innovations leveraging mobile technologies. Under his direction and leadership, Stanford undergraduate and graduate students carry out mobile-social educational research and development in real-world classrooms and virtual learning environments. Dr. Kim has dedicated himself to international development through education and information technology strategies and has advised Saudi Arabia’s national online education initiative, the national evaluation of Uruguay’s One Laptop Per Child project, Rwanda’s national ICT planning, and institutional advancement efforts for numerous universities.

Dr. Kim serves on the Board of Directors of WestEd and on the Committee on Grand Challenges in International Development for the National Academies of Science. Dr. Kim was born in South Korea and holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology.

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