Policy Development


The United Nations’ Second and Third Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in education are defined in terms of participation and completion of primary education by all children and the elimination of gender discrimination in education. ICT plays an important role in reaching these goals.

UNESCO focus on providing the necessary capacity building required to support ICT for Education with an active and transformative education policy and a supportive infrastructure. Within developed countries ICT strengthens effect and transform educational system and also generate awareness.

The integration of ICT in Education helps to provide guidance and motivation to education stakeholders by analysis and tools. UNESCO helps to develop a knowledge-based population which can apply itself to sustained and equitable growth. Based on the ICT in education policy analysis, the ICT in Education Toolkit for policymakers and the experiences gained from the ICTs in Education Policy project (Bangkok Office), UNESCO is committed to provide Member States with technical assistance in developing national ICT in Education Policies and/or Master Plans.

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