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EDUsummIT 2011: moving education into the digital age

©UNESCO/Darryl EvansComputer lesson, South Africa

“Building a global community of policymakers, educators and researchers to move education into the digital age” is the theme of the EDUsummIT 2011 conference which takes place from 8-10 June in UNESCO, Paris.

Some 120 prominent stakeholders are expected from the EDUsummIT community who are committed to examining the impact of evidence and dissemination strategies on future ICT policies and practices globally. 

They will report on the impact of UNESCO programmes in ICT in education   which served as the basis for the first EDUsummIT conference in 2009 and led to a Call to Action on the Future of ICT in Education.

Building on the outcomes of EDUsummIT 2009, the 2011 conference also aims to refine national, international and regional models for the use of ICT in 21st-century education and develop strategies to build a global community in the field of ICT in Education.

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