09.09.2011 - Education Sector

International Experiences with Technology in Education

UNESCO recently participated in a study entitled “International Experiences with Technology in Education”.

This study of international policy and programmes supporting ICT in education was funded by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology. Its final report has been released and is now available online on their website (as well as the executive summary).

The project focused on the use of ICTs in 21 countries at  primary and secondary level. Criteria for selection included a high score on the Network readiness Index, developed by the International Technologies Group at Harvard University and implemented by the World Economic Forum.

The final report includes an overview of international programmes and priorities as well as individual reports for each of the 21 countries. Findings suggest focusing on data collections at international level in order to compare the type and impact of ICT policies and programmes in education as well as improving the understanding of ICT in education best practices.

Francesc Pedró (UNESCO) was part of the external advisory panel, which helped with reviewing study methods and materials, prioritizing issues to investigate, country contacts and survey methods.

Final Report
Executive summary
Network Readiness Index (NRI)

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