02.12.2010 -

Projects in Ireland and the Phillippines receive honourable mentions in ICT in Education prize.

eSkwela 1.0, n electronic school in the Philippines and ALISON a free online training institution in Ireland were given Honorable Mentions in the UNESCO King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa Prize.

The eSkwela 1.0 is a flagship project of the Philippines’ Commission on Information and Communications Technologies and the Department of Education’s-Bureau of Alternative Learning System.  This provides ICT-enhanced educational opportunities for the country’s out-of-school youth and adults. Through a national network of 40 community-based e-learning centres, it offers a diverse set of e-learning content that has been localized to meet the needs of individual communities, including 248 life-skills modules.

ALISON provides free online multimedia courses for certification, the most popular being basic IT skills training. Almost 200 interactive multimedia courses for certification have been developed, providing a new world of online learning opportunities to improve employment flexibility and skills worldwide. Some 500,000 people have been trained since 2007 using an innovative SEE, HEAR, and DO pedagogical approach. The system enables learners either to study individually or to be part of the over 300,000 people who study as part of groups managed by trainers/tutors in schools, colleges, workplaces and community groups.

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Projects in Ireland and the Phillippines receive honourable mentions

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