Portal for Teachers

© UNESCO/Glenna Gordon
Paynesville Community School in Monrovia.

While higher education in most parts of the world has embraced ICT, other levels of education still lag behind. The use of ICT to broaden access, make education more inclusive, improve pedagogy and help increase both the capacity and numbers of teachers remains experimental and scattered. ICT should reach people of all ages, linguistic and cultural groups, and circumstances. The primary focus is on teachers in the broadest sense of the word, i.e., all those who can facilitate and help expand learning opportunities for all.

A fundamental experience to any successful education is the teacher-learner relationship. Any policy to introduce ICT into education therefore needs to address the needs of teachers and be accessible to teachers in order to work. Using ICT in teacher training programmes, whether pre-service or in-service, is a key feature of UNESCO’s advocacy and technical advice.

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