Student in Afghanistan in front of a blackboard.

© UNESCO/Mats Lingell
Student in Afghanistan in front of a blackboard.

The World Education Forum at Dakar and the Dakar Framework for Action explicitly recognised that conflicts, wars and disasters are fundamental obstacles to the achievement of high quality Education for All (EFA)

However, eight years later, still some 61 million children of primary-school age are out of school. A significant proportion of these children live in places affected by war and disaster. Across the globe, armed conflicts, natural disasters and fragile situations impinge on access to inclusive, quality education and deny far too many children, young people and adults their right to the positive opportunities that such education can provide.

In pursuit of its overriding EFA objective, the UNESCO Education Sector has a vital role to play in bringing UNESCO’s mandated technical, policy and normative standards to bear in PCPD work in affected states and territories.

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