Strengthening Professional Journalism

Street Photographer in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Street Photographer in Kabul, Afghanistan.

UNESCO, in cooperation with intergovernmental organizations, donors, NGOs, national authorities, and local and international media, provides technical and material assistance designed to promote the development of independent and pluralistic media in post-conflict areas. The technical assistance includes provision of and access to ICTs, especially Internet facilities, and training in their use to provide the population in conflict situations with increased access to non-partisan information.

The media has enormous responsibilities in post-conflict areas. Strengthening democracy and basic human freedoms, including freedom of expression, depends largely on the reporter’s capacity to provide reliable information through responsible and professional reporting. Journalists and media professionals are the main parties providing information and material to the public, while journalism students prepare to carry out the same tasks in the future. Therefore, journalism training and educational development is an immediate necessity toward the ultimate goal of maintaining a professional media network.

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