The Literacy Empowerment for Afghanistan Police (LEAP)

The Literacy Empowerment for Afghan Police (LEAP) which has been in implementation since 2011 aims at the literacy training of Afghan national police to improve quality of policing in Afghanistan. LEAP has developed literacy training materials being provided in pre-service and in-service training modules to 500 police literacy facilitators in 19 provinces by 24 Master Trainers. LEAP has also been helping the Literacy Department of Ministry of Interior in long term institutional capacity building in quality police literacy.

One of the major activities of the LEAP program is the provision of supplementary materials for the targeted beneficiaries. The aim is to empower and maintain the literacy program for Afghan police across the country. This technical expertise meant to be literacy materials specific for patrolmen/women and non-commissioned officers. Currently, LEAP is supporting the Afghan Police Literacy Program by providing Monthly Newsletter and Quarterly Magazine. By now, LEAP developed 15 monthly newsletter and 5 magazines for police officers to sustain their literacy skills.” 

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