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The UNESCO Venice Office fosters cooperation, to contribute to capacity building and to provide specialized expertise in science and culture with special emphasize to SEE and the Mediterranean.

It contributes to peace, stability and sustainable development in Europe, especially in South East Europe and the Mediterranean area, through activities in the field of Science and Culture, considering the political, social and environmental changes, by providing policy advice, capacity building, communication and supporting territorial management as well as risk and conflict prevention.

Its functions: 1) Development; 2) Information collection, analysis and dissemination; and 3) Capacity building.


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Palazzo Zorzi courtyard

Starting point : the disastrous floods of 1966

Following the floods in Venice and Florence and the Italian Government's invitation one year later for UNESCO to play an international action, the Liaison Office for the Safeguarding of Venice was established in 1973 on the occasion of the UNESCO International Campaign for the Safeguarding of Venice. UNESCO Scientific Co-operation Bureau for Europe was established in 1972 as a separate unit attached to the office of the Assistant Director General for Sciences of UNESCO in Paris

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