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SEE PhytoChemNet - Extended Meeting of the Regional Steering Committee

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In the frame of the IYC2011 and with the support of the UNESCO Venice Office, the Southeast European Network on Phytochemistry and Chemistry of Natural Products for Green and Sustainable Growth (SEE PhytoChemNet) was established by 9 countries from South-East Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey).

Following the agenda set up at the founding meetings, the aim of the Regional Steering Committee (RSC) meeting is to advance in specifying the division of labor in the joint study of Sideritis species as a platform for the elaboration of standardized protocols for extraction, analysis and other related research activities.

Topics proposed for discussion are: modes for eventual co-operation under the aegis of UNESCO with similar networks in Africa; strengthening of the relations with the industrial world interested in supporting the development and usage of products based on natural, renewable, raw materials; and, perspectives for a common research in the field of the so-called functional foods.


Type of Event Working group
Start 17.05.2012 10:00 local time
End 18.05.2012 19:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Scalet, Mario
Contact Mario Scalet at m.scalet@unesco.org
Country Bulgaria
City Sofia
Permanent Delegation Contact
Major Programme
Language of Event English
Estimated number of participants
Official Website UNESCO Venice Office
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