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17th International Course on Stone Conservation (SC11). Rome, Italy. 13 April-1 July 2011

Partners are ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property), the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), United States and the UNESCO Venice Office.


The course adopts a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach and is designed for professionals involved in the conservation of historic stone structures and artifacts.

The primary goal of the course is to improve the practice of stone conservation internationally by providing participants with a holistic understanding of the decay and deterioration of stone, disseminating effective conservation methodologies, and ensuring a practical understanding of appropriate repair methods and long-term management strategies. Through lectures, discussions, laboratory sessions, demonstrations, site visits and field exercises, participants will discuss both the fundamental theories of conservation as well as consider how advances in technology and research have influenced practical approaches as they pertain to all phases of stone conservation. Group fieldwork exercises at a worksite will provide participants with the opportunity to address actual work scenarios where multidisciplinary solutions and collaboration are required. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to draw upon their collective expertise from various specializations to help them arrive at more effective conservation solutions. 

The course will be divided into six main units over eleven weeks. These units will include topics such as:

- Conservation principles and theories;
- Material sciences as a tool for identification, analysis, and design of conservation treatments;
- Mechanisms of deterioration;
- Diagnostic techniques for identifying causes and effects of observed conditions;
- Condition assessment methodology;
- Developing a conservation strategy for immediate and long-term actions including prevention, maintenance, repair and treatment;
- Managing stone conservation projects and the value of working within multidisciplinary teams.

The course may include a preparatory phase prior to arrival in Rome. This preparatory phase will include assigned readings to provide participants with a common knowledge base and familiarity with key literature that will be used during the course. The preparatory phase will be conducted in participants’ home countries.

During the course, participants will be expected to play an active role through contributing to discussions, exercises, and presentations reflecting their own professional experience.

Application deadline: expired

Link : http://www.iccrom.org/eng/01train_en/announce_en/2011_04StoneRome_en.shtml

website : http://www.iccrom.org/

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